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Mars Amity Research Station
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Amity Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology

Overview of Our Research

Amity Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology (ACoeA, pronounced as ‘aqua’) has been established in February 2019, keeping in mind the critical need to have an integrated centre in India that focuses on all pursuits towards studying the origin of Life and its evolution, distribution on Earth and in the Universe. This Centre of Excellence is a natural outcome from the continued research and education efforts of the Amity Education Group since August 2016 to support astrobiology work in India. The Centre, in partnership with national and international labs, currently leads astrobiology-focused field studies and simulation with a focus on understanding the habitability potential of regions on Mars. The Centre is also involved in the development of biology experiments in the upper atmospheric and Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The Centre introduces undergraduate/graduate students to Astrobiology research and undertakes citizen-driven Space exploration projects.

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