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Recent Updates

Here is a list of recent events and achievements

Earth and Space Exploration Program, a scientific expedition for everyone, conducted successfully in Ladakh.

Aug 2021 and Aug 2022

ESEP 2021 and 2022, a program that allows people from all walks of life to get field experience, was organized successfully in collaboration with Cosmic Adventures Pvt Ltd. and several partners. The program is a part of 3-year plan to set up a Mars Research Station at Ladakh. The first edition of ESEP hosted two crews, with students and explorers. Samples and measurements were taken by the science teams and analysis is currently underway.


Amity University signs Memorandum of Understanding with Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences for Astrobiology Collaboration

Nov 2020

On November 03, 2020 Amity Group of Universities and Institutions conducted an interaction and virtual signing of MoU with Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow. This formal partnership will allow the two institutions to work closely in the area of Mars Analogue Research, Laboratory and Space Environment Testing. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-18 at

Amity Astrobiology's Second Payload Selected for ISRO Flight!

Nov 2020

We are happy to announce that the Amity Space Biology Team successfully passed the Expert Review for participation in the ISRO PS4 Program. The Autonomous Life Growth Experiment -1 (ALGE-1) has been selected by ISRO to fly on an ISRO PSLV flight. More information will be released soon! Congratulations! 

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Amity Astrobiology announces Mars Amity Research Station

Oct-Nov 2020

Dr Siddharth Pandey travelled to Ladakh for preparations towards next year's program for Mars Amity Research Station (More here) Students, teachers and enthusiasts should sign up to participate next year! We also published an article in Times of India on the Impact of Climate Change in Ladakh


Amity Astrobiology conducts 1st "Introduction to Astrobiology Course"

Aug 2020

ACoeA in collaboration with Mars Society Australia, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Open University UK conducted the first online "Introduction to Astrobiology" course for 795 students from 53 countries. The course was promoted by the NASA Astrobiology Program and inaugural address delivered by Dr P Sreekumar, former ISRO Space Science Director. A total 7 weekly lectures were delivered with interactive assessment tasks. Here are the session topics and recorded videos


Amity Astrobiology joins the Astrobiology Society of Asia-Pacific (ASAP)

June 2020

ACoeA is now a member of the newly formed Astrobiology Society of Asia-Pacific along with member institutions from Australia, (University of New South Wales), New Zealand, China (Macau University and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Japan (Earth Life Science Institute). The members of the society will work together to promote collaboration and outreach in the region. ASAP webinar series details are here

Recent Happenings: Lab Members

Amity Astrobiology students selected for Blue Marble Space internships 

May 2020 

Jovel Varghese (B Tech Biotechnology) and Shireen Mathur (B Tech Aerospace Engineering) have recently been selected to undertake summer internships as part of the Blue Marble Space Young Scientist Program. More information here

Panel Discussion on "Search for life in the solar system: an international collaborative effort" 

March 02, 2020, Nehru Science Centre Mumbai 

Amity Astrobiology team engaged in a panel discussion on “International collaboration in Space Exploration: Astrobiology missions” and interacted with over 100 school students. The Amity Astrobiology team (comprising of Dr Siddharth Pandey, Dr Jonathan Clarke, Dr Jen Blank, Ms. Annalea Beattie and Dr Michael Macey) were invited to meet with Mr Shivprasad Khened, Director of Nehru Science Centre and Dr AP Jayaraman, Chairman of National Centre for Science Communicators and discuss collaboration on promoting Astrobiology and Space in Mumbai City on March 2nd 2020. Also present was Mr Kashish Parpiani from Observer Research Foundation Mumbai.

Amity Space For Everyone Workshop

Feb 29-Mar 1, 2020 Amity University Mumbai 

Our Centre conducted a 2-day workshop aimed to introduce some exciting concepts regarding Space in a fun and engaging manner with a mixed group of space enthusiasts over a weekend. An important objective for Amity here is to leverage these interested individuals with experience and links within Financial, Media and Creative domains, to help bridge the gap between academic and industry environment. The group of 15 people learned from a team of space experts, participated in hands-on scientific activities, virtually interacted with a former NASA astronaut, and even tried out Amity-Theodon Technologies Mars Virtual Reality Challenge. The objective for this workshop was to test the concept of ‘Space For Everyone” for a Certificate Course planned to be offered at Amity University Mumbai City Campus.

Amity Astrobiology 2020 Workshop 

Feb 25-27, 2020 Amity University Mumbai 

ACoeA conducted an introductory workshop to help science and engineering students (BSc, BTech, MSc level) to transition into this field and have in-person informal discussions with astrobiology researchers. The workshop introduced the fundamental aspects of astrobiology to the participants and provide a platform for 30 research students (final year UG, PG, PhD) and 4 faculty members of geology, marine biology, biochemistry to transition into the field. Subject matter experts were invited from around the world and alongside Indian researchers, a class of 30 students from Amity University Mumbai and 9 different cities in India, from different backgrounds (geology, biosciences, engineering, astronomy) were taught the fundamentals of astrobiology over a 3 full days of lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities at Centre of Excellence, Amity University Mumbai. The workshop also enabled them to decide on their choice of research projects or subsequent career plans.

Amity Astrobiology partners with Theodon Technologies Pune to develop Mars virtual reality tools for Astrobiology education and outreach

Feb 2020

Our centre has been working since Dec 2019 to help develop the Mars VR challenge, being developed in partnership with Theodon Technologies, defining the scientific features, questions and structure of the tool. The team members and their individual experience working on Mars missions helped make the immersive experience as realistic and scientifically accurate. This technology will be used for training students in analogue field research and for space popularization, in close collaboration with science communication partners.

Amity Space Biology Team delivers ASBE-1 Flight Payload to Satellize for PSLV C49 Launch on PS -4 

Jan 21, 2020 Hyderabad

After three gruelling months of rapid design, development, testing and assembly, the Amity Space Biology team completed the Amity Space Biology Experiment-1 (ASBE-1) for further qualification tests as part of the Satellize SpaceShare Unit. A total of 10 student experiments were selected for this flight on ISRO's PSLV C49 PS4 Orbital Platform. The team was supported by Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited and Amity University Mumbai

Amity partners with Paras Defence and Space on Space Technology 

Jan 15, 2020 Paras  Campus, Nerul, Mumbai

Amity University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited on the design and development of microgravity research systems. The MoU was signed by Dr W Selvamurthy (President, Amity Innovation, Science and Technology Fund) and Mr Munjal Sharad Shah (Managing Director, Paras). Such academia-industry partnerships are  crucial for developing space technologies.

Amity Astrobiology participates in 2nd National Astrobiology meeting in Pune

Oct 18, 2019 National Centre for Cell Sciences, Pune 

The 2nd meeting for astrobiologists in India was convened at National Centre for Cell Sciences, Pune. Presentations were heard from each working group that highlighted recent updates from the field. The name for the group was finalized: Society for Astrobiology, Education and Research (SABER). The formal process of registration was discussed, and tasks  for next meeting were allocated.

Amity Astrobiology participates in 5th Kalpana Chawla Annual Space Policy Dialogue, hosted by Observer Research Foundation

Apr 28, 2019 Taj Man Singh, New Delhi 

Amity was a Dialogue Sponsor and Partnered with ORF to run a panel on “Space Exploration: Ambitions and Challenges for India” Panel speakers included Gp Capt. Ajay Lele from Institute for Defence Analysis and Studies, Dr. Siddharth Pandey from Amity Mumbai and Divyanshu Poddar from Rocketeers India. Panel was moderated by Dr. Rajeshwari Rajagopalan, ORF Space Head. Dr. Pandey presented Amity activities in Space Sciences across campuses as well as two new Centres for Astrobiology and Space Research. Dr Pandey brought out the importance for the charting of a exploration roadmap and a clear delineation between Civil and Military Space activities in the country to ensure both domains are able to prosper. The importance of the presence of more scientists and engineers at such dialogue events was brought out, to ensure that all perspectives were included as we move forward.

Amity Astrobiology participates in 1st National Astrobiology Meeting at Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow

Apr 16, 2019 BSIP Lucknow 

Amity Astrobiology participated and helped moderate the 1st National Astrobiology meeting at BSIP, Lucknow. The meeting was presided by Chairman, BSIP and Vice-Chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University. The participants were introduced to new members and heard from each institution on their progress in Astrobiology. Group discussions and brainstorming resulted in the formation of working groups. The objective was for building each working group as a small community with a designated representative. Participating Institutions: BSIP, IISER Pune, IISER Kolkata, Amity University, Pune University, NCCS Pune, BR Ambedkar University Lucknow, Benares Hindu University (BHU), and National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI).

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