MARS : Mars Amity Research Station

Earth and Space Exploration Program

India's first Space Exploration Training Camp, starting in June 2021

Join us! 

“Amity is establishing India’s first Planetary Science, Education and Experience Program in a remote, off-Earth like environment. The program will support Astrobiology and Space Biology research, help monitor Climate change, inspire students to pursue STEM education and spread awareness about Space in India.”

Are you a student, teacher, researcher or a space/climate enthusiast? 

Do you want to experience Mars exploration, learn about our changing environment, personally guided and trained by leading Space and Earth scientists?

Do you wish to be an ambassador for Earth's changing climate and the sustainable exploration of Space? 

•Ladakh, India has been classified as ‘High Value’ Analogue Site for Science, Technology and Operations Testing by International Space Community for Mars exploration

•Ladakh is like Ancient Mars (when it was warmer and had liquid water) and can help understand surface evolution and life origination on Earth and possibly on Mars

•Ladakh has Unique surface, weather and microorganisms exposed to very high altitude, low Oxygen, high UV radiation environment

•Several space research experiments and technologies tested by NASA, ESA in Ladakh since 2016 as part of NASA Spaceward Bound Program, supported by Amity University. (More here)

From June 2021, Mars Amity Research Station Program will allow teams of individuals to visit, stay and work at Mars analogue sites, guided by scientists, help collect scientific data, study terrain features and train to become the Explorers of Tomorrow! 

The registration page is now live for the project. The project is being managed by Cosmic Adventures Pvt. Ltd. Please visit:  


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