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Our Partners

Our Centre actively collaborates with our partners on Astrobiology-relevant projects.


Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited

Space Technology Development

Amity University has signed an MoU with Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd. to collaborate on design and development of microgravity-based research hardware. This allows Amity's students to undertake hands-on training in building spaceflight hardware and software systems.


Open University UK

Astrobiology Research, Student Training and Education Outreach

Amity University and Open University UK have signed an MoU in September 2019. One of the primary focal areas of collaboration are the exploration of hypersaline microbial environments that are early Mars analogues. Amity and OU are also partnering on engaging with general population for Space education outreach.


Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

Astrobiology Education and Communication

Amity and BMSIS have been collaborating since August 2016 on Astrobiology education, outreach and science communication. Blue Marble Space has a vast network of space scientists from NASA, NSF and major universities in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.


Mars Society Australia

Mars Analogue Research and Education

Amity and Mars Society Australia (MSA) have been partners since August 2016 while exploring Ladakh, India as an early Mars analogue. MSA researchers have mentored Amity students on Mars habitat design projects.


Mars Analogue Research and Education

SatSure is providing remote sensing data to the researchers, the data about Earth will help researchers understand more about particular analogue sites.

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences

Mars Analogue Research and Education

Amity students and researchers are actively collaborating with scientists at BSIP to work on the geoscientific aspect of the field.

Our Partners: Lab Members
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