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Dr. Aseem Chauhan

Chancellor, Amity University Mumbai and Chairman, ACoeA

Dr. Aseem Chauhan is the Chairman and Chancellor of Amity University as well as Founding Promoter of  the Amity Education Group and a Founding Trustee of the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, which currently have over  120,000 students in 250 programs at 150 institutions across 1200 acres of hi-tech campuses with 6 million sq. ft. of built up area.   Having 30 Campuses in India as well as campuses in London, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, South Africa and China, Amity University and Amity Institutions have consistently been ranked amongst the top in the country. More than 6,000 staff and faculty work in the Amity Group and are credited with having completed 300 funded research projects and having filed 570 patents. 100 startup ventures are being incubated at Amity Universities through Amity Innovation Incubator which was established by Dr. Chauhan. He is a true institution-builder with a vision to help make Amity one of the leading education providers in the world.Dr. Chauhan holds degrees in Engineering, Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and is an alumnus of the prestigious Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology. Dr. Chauhan has contributed to a number of committees including the Government of India’s National Committee for Biotechnology Policy, the CII National Committee for Higher, Technical & Vocational Education and the US-India Higher Education Cooperation Council.


Dr. Siddharth Pandey

Head, ACoeA

Dr Siddharth Pandey is the Head of Amity Space Centre and the Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology at Amity University India. As a part of this, he is leading an initiative to establish India's first centre that will work towards studying the origins and distribution of life in the Universe. Prior to this, he has experience in building sample collection instruments for Mars and Venus surface missions while working at NASA Ames, USA. He received the NASA Spaceflight Awareness Team Award and NASA Ames Technology Transfer Award for two successful spaceflight experiments onboard the International Space Station and co-owns a registered NASA patent. Siddharth has led international expeditions to explore extreme environments in Ladakh and Lonar crater, Maharashtra as sites to test experiments and systems for Mars exploration. He is a Director with the Mars Society Australia and is actively involved in planning analogue field projects in India and Australia. He has been engaged in education and public outreach activities and is motivated to use Space as a tool to spread awareness, social consciousness and inclusiveness within our communities. He holds MS in Space Systems Engineering from TU Delft, Netherlands and BTech in Aerospace Engineering from Amity University, India.

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